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Created : Tuesday, 17 June 2014 09:38

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JV Angel is such a beautiful and sophisticated template suitably developed for wedding studios, online wedding gifts, bridal shops, wedding rentals, online wedding albums, etc. You will find this template to be simplistic, artistic and beautiful. Moreover, JV Angel best optimized for search engines will help to increase your sales dramatically.

JV Angel is beautified with the slideshow and the images on each article. This way of setting makes your wedding studio look great.

As a theme-template running on JV Framework, JV Angel is equipped with several customization tools, making the process of giving your site a personal touch much easier and faster.

JV Angel is the perfect way to build a bridge between you customers and your brand.


multiple layout options


JV Angel is simple in its design but we give you more choices in the layout. With the power of JV Framework you can opt for the layout that suits your content display.


5 beautiful colors are waiting for you to set in your online wedding studio. Choose the color you love most.
4 beautiful colors preset
optimized template for seo


You may tell your customer to visit your site to know more info but we can not help you like that, we optimized JV Angel for Search Engines to help your site gain more visitor and they may become your real customers.


All JV templates are tested on each web browser. We're sure that our templates are fully compatible with most popular web browsers such as: IE8+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera...
browser compatibility
drag and drop module position

Drag and drop module position

Coding is our job, drag & drop is what you need to do to design your site by the way you love. No programming skills are required to be totally in control of your site. This is one of the popular features of templates running on JV Framework 2.5


All JV templates are equipped with RTL support. We make all the templates perfect in RTL mode. Switching into RTL layout is so easy in the hand of JV Framework
support right to left language layout
support typography


To make your website look better, Google fonts library is built in JV Angel - various font types and styles

JV Angel files:

File name Type Date Download Version
JV Slidepro module for J25 & J3 module 18-06-2014 21383
JV Libraries plugins plugin 18-06-2014 13994
JV Latest News module for J25 & J3 module 18-06-2014 594
JV Framework 2.5 component 18-06-2014 34497
JV Angel template template 18-06-2014 833
JV Angel source files special 18-06-2014 158
JV Angel quickstart for J25 quickstart 18-06-2014 1075
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