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Created : Tuesday, 17 June 2014 10:08

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Are you an enthusiastic blogger? Have you ever stayed up very late at night to add your newest picnic photos to your blog and customize it?

If the answer is yes, don't hesitate to download our joomla template to make your blog even more personal and colorful.

JV Colorful as the name said it all. Once you have tried it, you'll see how powerful it is.

Since it was designed for image presentation, there are many features to make your photos look not just good but great. JV Colorful is also available with a great level of control over the look of your blog, with 4 different main colors and several tools to modify the layout effectively. You have the ability to show your uniqueness through your blog!

Grab it now and show the world who you are!

support Right To Left Language Layout


All JV templates are full equipped with RTL layout. We make all the templates perfect in RTL mode.

Drop and drag module position

Create your own layouts without much programming experience using the template. Drag and drop makes everything easier in re-structuring your site.
drag-and-drop module position
multiple layout options

Multiple layout

You can choose from a number of various layout options to best suit your site content.

Google font

To make your website look better, Google fonts library is built in JV Colorful with various font types and styles. Adding a new style is really easy and enjoyable.
support google fonts
fully optimized template for SEO

SEO optimized

All our JV Templates are SEO optimized and ready to be placed at the perfect position.

4 colors theme

Colorful is available in 4 colors to satisfy your taste.
preset color styles
support typography


All JV templates come with lots of various typography styles for you to choose from to help you enrich the content on your site.

Browser compatibility

JV Colorful works like a charm no matter what browser you are using
full browser compatibility

JV Colorful files:

File name Type Date Download Version
JV Framework 2.5 component 18-06-2014 34497
JV Slideshow module for J25 & J3 module 18-06-2014 13593
JV Social plugin for J25 & J3 plugin 18-06-2014 677
JV Tabs Plugin for J25 & J3 plugin 18-06-2014 14233
JV Gallery Plugin for J25 & J3 plugin 18-06-2014 8027
JV Colorful quickstart for J25 quickstart 18-06-2014 887
JV Colorful template template 18-06-2014 524
JV Colorful source file special 18-06-2014 396
0 selected files

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