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Current Version : 1.0.1
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Created : Tuesday, 17 June 2014 09:57

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Are you planning to create a blog, or magazine dedicated to fashion, health, beauty and other lady-concerns? If the answer is yes, please take a look at this template.

With JV Crater, you will be able to create an elegant and feminine site to showcase your articles

JV Craters come with 4 color variants: Pink, Skyblue, Dark Blue and Coral; K2 component support as well as various tool to make customization much easier.

Look no further and try this template out!

Go to Extensions => Module manager, select the module you want to assign and edit it. You can also use filter to find them easily.


menu manager

You should take a look at JV Slideshow overview first to have an overall view of the extension.

Click JV SlideShow in the list to manage JV SlideShow Module

Back-end settings:

JV Slideshow backend configuration

Front-end appearance:

JV Slideshow fronted

JV Crater files:

File name Type Date Download Version
JV Slider module for J25 module 18-06-2014 5052
JV Slideshow module for J25 & J3 module 18-06-2014 13593
JV Tabs Plugin for J25 & J3 plugin 18-06-2014 14233
JV Latest News module for J25 & J3 module 18-06-2014 594
JV Framework 2.5 component 18-06-2014 34497
JV Gallery Plugin for J25 & J3 plugin 18-06-2014 8027
JV Crater quickstart for J25 quickstart 18-06-2014 963
JV Crater template template 18-06-2014 396
JV Crater source file special 18-06-2014 353
0 selected files

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