JV Framework 3.0

Finally, we proudly present to you the test version of the upcoming major upgrade for our Framework: JV Framework 3.0 Alpha 1.
Flexible, customizable, high performance and developer-friendly. JV Framework 3.0 is a steep improvemence over our old Framework.
While dropping some functions like drag and drop, it had gained several new ones, more up-to-date features like a Grid layout control, a Responsive Design and a modular nature, allowing developers to improve or create new features with ease.
Included with this alpha version is our first template theme that support 3.0, also our first template theme utilizing Responsive Design: JV Basic.
Try it out and become one of the first to experience JV Framework 3.0.

JV Framework 3.0


Type : Joomla Template
Version : 1.0.1
Available : 2.5 3.x
Update on : 21 Aug, 2012
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ABOUT JV Framework 3.0

responsive framework


New templates running on JV Framework 3.0 will feature a responsive layout that adapt itself to all device resolutions like mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Right to left language layout

JV Framework 3.0 supports Right To Left Language Layout support. Flip everything easily with JV Framework.  

support RTL layout
responsive grid layout framework

Gird layout

JV Framework supports grid layout system which helps you control column width easily. Moreover this helps you build a unique layout by an easy way.

SEO optimized

Using a framework that is SEO friendly is the foundation for a successful SEO campaign. JV Framework 3.0 is developed and focused on SEO optimization. Friendly codes will drive more visitors to your site.

seo friendly framework
performance optimized framework

Performance optimization

 JV Framework 3.0 - a complete performance optimization framework. It is designed to enhance your page loading speed.

Brower compatibility

Template running on JV Framework 3.0 is fully compatible with most major browsers : IE8+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera...

browsers supported
html5, css3 responsive frameworl


 Beside the standard HTML and CSS, we also provide support for the newer HTML5 & CSS3 to take full advantage of modern web technologies.

Fast and lightweight

 Our templates offer several options to optimize your site's loading time like compression, minification and flexible image, etc.

fast and lightweight framework


 JV Framework support develop tool - Icomoon font icon library which provides a plenty of optimized icons

K2 component

JV Framework 3.0 supports K2 component - a perfect replacement for default article manager in Joomla 

k2 support