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JV Framework is a Joomla! component developed to run and manage themes – templates developed by Joomlavi team, as well as any template club based on JV Framework.
While it add an extra step to those templates' installation process, JV Framework offer the user with several tools, making the process of customizing the layout much easier.

As of version 3.0, JV Framework features:

  • Responsive web design
  • Mobile custom layout
  • Support HTML5, CSS3
  • Integrated Twitter bootstrap
  • Full support for RTL language
  • Utilize HTML layout ( will support xml layout in the future)
  • Each theme has its individual configurations.
  • Allow a theme to inherit layout, style, etc from other themes.
  • Allow users to override and custom layout.
  • html layout, blocks, modules can be controlled fluidly.

Provide a customization system for JV Framework by allowing users to create and override Extensions

process easier.
These default and custom extensions will help broaden the functions of the theme.