Extension Installation Guide

As you know with extension you can get a whole new functionality to your site within a few clicks. In this tutorial, will look through 3 ways of installing new Extensions in your site. This guide is identical to installation of Template, Module, Plugin, Component or Package


Access the Joomla Extension Manager

The first thing you need to do is login to back-end  area of your Joomla website, access the Joomla Extension Manager by going to Extensions >> Extension Manager.

access extension manager


Once you had the Extension Manager, there are three options to choose from to install your extension. Let's go through these alternatives



Upload Package File

This is the first and also the most common option that most people go to. All you need to do is click Choose File button, browse your extension zip file, then press Upload & Install button.

upload and install extension

Some Joomla extensions have additional information in their archive package like changelog, various versions, documentation, image resources, etc. To get the extension installed properly, these packages need to be extracted first to get the real installation package. Most of the case, such packages are named unzip_first.zip or similar. If you encounter error messages stating that "Cannot find Joomla XML setup file", please try extracting the archive package file first.



Install from directory

This option is commonly used for large extensions exceeding PHP maximum upload file size and can't be uploaded via the previous method.  

Go to the Extensions Manager and specify the path to that folder.

Click Install button. Joomla will check the specified folder and install the extension.

install extension from directory

 The important thing is that unlike the first option, you need upload the folder and not the zip archive.



Install from URL

This is the last option for Joomla extensions installation.

Enter the direct address of the zip archive with the extension you want to install and click the Install button. Joomla  will automatically download, extract and make the necessary installations for you.

install joomla extension from url

If the installation was successful you will be presented with the dialogue in a green bar:

installing extension was successful