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  • Huge and image galleries

    Hello, i've purchased this template from themeforest.

    at the moment i'm developing the site offline, to transfer it online once finished.

    I've installed both the quickstart to have the sample reference, and also a 3.6.2 from scratch to use just code i need.

    one of the reason to purchase was the various galleryes.
    After purchase i've learned they are built by simple image gallery pro. On the quickstart is is difficult to build a gallery, because of "add image" button do not work. if i create the gallery, which in turn creates the folder and THEN i load images to the folder via media manager i can manage the gallery... too complicated!

    So then I tried to install the component in the installation from scratch, but then the .zip is not provided with the "extension" package.

    Can you provide that package?

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    1) The default of Offline page that we used is the default of joomla. The Countdown is only a module loaded to it. There is no online function after completing countdown.
    2) Simple image gallery pro which is used on quickstart is the demo. And the functions is not full . To use all of functions, you can buy the latest version here [URL=""]