JV Virtuemart Helper

JV Virtuemart Helper - Ultimate 2 in one plugin for product comparison and wishlist features. You can create a wishlist which appears in products. If you want to add the product to your wishlist you simply sign in and click the "add to my wishlist" link in the module. Easy! By the same way, this plugin to show Compare products which user/Customer will choose by click on “Add to Compare” button and these selected product has been show parallel. User can also delete Compare product from Add to Compare Cart. This plugin only supports Joomla3. You will find this guide helpful. 


- Add functions: Compare and Wishlist

- Able to add 2 functions to specific Menu items

- Compare products can be Show after click on “Add to Compare” button by User/Customer

- User/customer can be Delete their Compare Products into a cart. 

- Same Product will Never display in the Cart two times.

- Every Details of Product Will be mention in Add to compare Cart and Compare parallel to other Product Details

- Allow to save to Wishlist

- View/Clear products in wishlist

Below are some front-end screenshot:

- Wishlist demo:

- Comparison demo:

- Product detail page:




JV Virtuemart Helper is commercial plugin, you need to sign up for an extension membership to download the extension. 


After logging into your account, visit JV Virtuemart download page to download the plugin. 




Once you get the packaged downloaded on your computer, now you can install the extension via administration area. 

Go to Extensions >> Extension Manager >> Browse the package >> Click upload & Install



Enable the plugin

After you successfully installed the module, next you need to enable the plugin.

Navigate to Extensions >> Plugin Manager , you will see a list of plugins, you should filter "helper" to look for the module. 


After getting the plugin enabled, it's time to configure the plugin. The back-end look of the plugin is very simple as you can see below:

Parameter eplanation:

- Add function: select from dropdown which function to be added: Compare, Wishlist or both

- Add to page: select from from dropdown to apply the features to pages: all pages, product detail.

- Menu item for Compare: select menu item to view comparision

- Menu item for Wishlist: select menu item to view wishlist

- Limit add to compare: select limited number of product to be added in comparison page

- Show fields to compare: Select from dropdown fields shown in comparison page

- Style table: select style for comparison table: condensed, hover border