Credo CBS

Using the Shopify free App, Metafields we will custom develop a solution to make updating and maintaining Clean Beauty Swaps (CBS) easier.


We will configure Metafields to use 4 fields:

  1. Dirty Product name
  2. Dirty product image
  3. Product ID for replacement (clean) product
  4. Dirty Product Category

We will then need the ability to create Shopify collection pages to sort the CBS products the same as they currently are. These collections will be sorted by the category field we use in the Metafields form. Replacement product will be called automatically by it’s Product ID associated with the Dirty product added through Metafields Editor.

We will create an excel file template that can be used to add all old CBS products as well as new ones. The actual data entry will be done by client.

We then upload and configure the excel file so that the new dirty products are added to the Shopify database but use a different product template, are not tracked by SkuIQ and do not have buy buttons. The buy buttons should be present for the replacement product.

For future updates, products can be added manually using a similar method as new products are currently added or we can batch them into an excel file.

The shopify search component will be able to search the CBS products once we load them on the site this way as they will be treated the same as inventory products as far as search is concerned. We will also create a CBS search component that only searches CBS “dirty” products. This will only be available on CBS pages.

App should be developed in such a way that we can test and build without effecting current CBS pages until such a time that we determine new app is ready to publish live.


Step 1: Access
Step 2: Choice it

Step 3:

Step 4:

  1. Dirty Product name
  2. Dirty product description
  3. Product ID for replacement (clean) product. Get it at
  4. Dirty product image


Step 1: Access
Step 2: Choice it

Step 3: After choose file, And click button "Import CSV"

Please waiting it. Don't refersh your browser


Step 1: Access
Step 2: Fill all value of field highlight in screenshot

Step 3: Save it
Step 4: Click on button "View"