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Wordpress - Super Blog Theme - Possible date bugs

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  • Wordpress - Super Blog Theme - Possible date bugs


    Just bought this theme today, got it installed and working, but there seems to be a couple of issue with it...
    Check out this page:

    Just before the body of the post there is a date (link) - the date shows the correct date, but the url it is linking to is incorrect (1970/01/01)

    I also had a similar date issue with a new post - on the home page

    I clicked the link for 'Read More' but got a 404 error.
    On checking the read more link was (I had the permalinks set to /%year%/%postname% )
    when it should have been

    (I got around this by setting permalinks to just %postname% - but I'd really like it fixed)

    Seems to be some bugs in the pate parsing ?

    Let me know if you need any other diagnostics...

    ... Ken

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    Hello my friend,
    Pardon for the inconvenience. We'd checked our site and found that everything is okay at that time. Please setting your admin as this picture below to check either your site becomes to work normally or not:

    If you still meeting this problem, please kindly send us your credential information (user/ password/ ftp) information via our email: - After receiving your information, we will help you to solve your problem.
    We look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Best Regards,
    Joomlavi Team


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      Okay - I see that the Date on the post (next to the edit link) is only visible when logged, so my users are not seeing it - which is good.

      I can also see that when I set the permalink config to 'postname' it all works - but I prefer to have /%year%/%postname% as the permalink structure - I've changed it to this and you will see the problem if you go to the home page and try to click on the first post.

      I'll send the login details over also...

      Thanks .. Ken