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    It seems Instagram has made the Jelled method for getting the User ID ( obsolete. Is there a workaround that will enable the Instagram feed in the footer?

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    Hello my friend,
    Could you please send us the purchase code which your buy our template via our email: - We want to check your site.
    We look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Best Regards,
    Joomlavi Team


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      Yes. It does seem obsolete. I cant get the thing working either. Can I also have support for this please?

      I have noticed there is an Instagram "Sandbox" for new client apps. This is currently not "live" and requires a "Submission" in the "Permissions" area of the edit panel. Does this need to be submitted in order to make the app work properly. Is there any testing required in "Sandpbox" mode?

      I have information about the Instagram Client Submission process on this link ( notice here that "The video screencast is a very important part of a submission". But how can I supply this if I do not have it working version of a screen cast? Apparently this is important tin order to approve the app on the website.

      Please tell me what I should do to move forward.

      2nd Edit:
      Also check out this link to Instagram client permissions documentation as it seems there are level of permissions available for apps. What is required?

      3rd Edit:
      I noticed an update template was released yesterday. Does this template have related solutions?
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        Hello my friend,
        If this way is old, you can search for other way to get user ID because Instagram can be loaded when it has user ID.


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          I have all the credentials for the Instagram to plug in correctly. I installed them as suggested on the template. All is in the correct place.

          However, it seems Instagram has a Sandbox. Does this prevent the plugin from working on the website template? There is nothing mentioning a Sandbox in the setup instructions.

          What is your suggestion for making the plugin work?


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            Hello my friend,
            We don't make sure about that because we just know how to take API key and then paste it into Theme.
            If you don't know how to make it look like the Demo, please send us some screenshot about that. We will try to help you fix bug.
            Joomlavi Team


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              Hi this isn't working for me either. I've just emailed you, but thought I'd search here also. I've also setup everything, with client id, secret number, authorisation key. It doesn't display in my footer. Is the sandbox the issue?


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                Maybe you get wrong key.
                Because our theme still uses normally.

                Client ID : c42ae934e02f48daa2eb1793851e2d39
                Access Token : 2209322954.1654d0c.9e2972ce62754c6880df622fdc7c1f4 e
                User ID : 2209322954