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Pages breaks resizing the pictures

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  • Pages breaks resizing the pictures

    Dear Support team,

    I have recently purchased your template and I really love working with it. I currently busy transforming it into a beautiful, simple blog/store and everything seems to working fine except when I try improving the picture quality. The Pics are really blurry with the large/grande settings so I have increased it to master. With it the pictures are beautifully sharp, but if I try to do something else after that, like ading my social media channels or changing the logo, the pictures on the collection site become super blurry and everything stops working.

    And I have also difficulites creating the mega menu. It's just not working and I can't figure out the reason. I have the right navigation settings in the back of the store and it workes properly with the other theme, but now the dropdown menu is just blank.

    I really hope that you can help me Here is my purchase code
    • 3eb73eca-c758-4f70-84f0-83c485d5d431 - 21 Jun 2016

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    Thank you so much in advance! Do you need any further information? Shopify Login Infos? The website is called, but the your original theme is not online yet.


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      Never mind. I think I have solved the issue.


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        Out of interest, what did you do to fix this? No point in me posting about the same issue. How did you fix the drop down menu issue? Cheers!