JV Counter

This module helps you sum up the amount of visitors who had visited your website. The statistics data is shown in sub-tab list: today, yesterday, week, month and total. The mentioned data (the number of visitors) may take the important role when the website owner wants to evaluate the website’s effectiveness in marketing activities or just estimate the attractiveness of it. So, if you run a business website and you want to know the amount of your website visitors, the JV Counter may be the right choice for you. Download and install the JV Counter on your website and it could give you some ideas to promote your business. 

JV Counter

Extension Attributes

Current Version : 3.0.4
Available : 2.5 3.x
Type Extension m
Changelog : Views
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ABOUT JV Counter

jv counter

Module JV Counter

Show the statistics data of Today- Yesterday- Week- Month- Total.
Show the information of guest online: IP address.
Show the name of member.
Support various digit styles.

Module option

- 5 theme
- Text Online, Text Today, Text Yesterday, Text This week, Text Last week, Text This month, Text Last month, Text All days, Text User Online, Text Guest Online, Text Your IP
jv counter
jv counter


Show the statistics data of Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week , This Month, Last Month, Show All days, Show Date/Time Today.
Show the information of guest online: IP address.
Date/Time Today Format