JV Gallery

Have been looking around for a gallery plugin that is simple to use and make it possible to upload images in the Joomla front-end? JV Gallery is the answer.

JV Gallery is the easiest and simplest photo solution for your joomla website. It’ can be quickly installed and used in your Joomla article or even in a module. JV gallery is all what you need!

JV Gallery

Extension Attributes

Current Version : 2.1
Available : 2.5 3.x
Type Extension p
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About Jv Gallery

jv gallery

Jv Gallery feature

JV Gallery is a Joomla Plugin Extension that allows the creation of image galleries.

Create a gallery

+ If you have installed the button plugin, click on ‘insert gallery’ and configure the properties of your gallery (see Insert Gallery’s property box), then click on ‘insert’ to generate the code automatically
+ If you only installed the system plugin, manually type down the code in this pattern (for the meaning of the bold properties, see ‘Insert Gallery’s Property Box’ below):
[JVGALLERY]{"images":[{"img":"images/img.png","title":"","desc":""}], "options":{"theme":"style6", "lightbox":"fancybox", "caption":"1", "create_thumb":"1", "thumb_width":"300", "thumb_height":"300", "layout":"grid", "grid":"fluid", "columns":"5", "col_width":"25%", "gutter":"2%", "pagination":"0", "limit":"5"}}[/JVGALLERY]
jv gallery

Insert Gallery’s Property Box - Gallery tab

-Choose Style: 5 theme
-Lightbox: Slimbox, FancyBox
-Caption: Title Only, Description Only, Show Both, Hide Both
-Create Thumbnail
-Thumnails Width (px)
-Thumnails Height (px)

Insert Gallery’s Property Box - Layout tab

-Layout: Grid, List
-Grid: Fixed, Fluid
-Columns, Column Width, Gutter;
jv gallery

Insert Gallery’s Property Box - Pagination tab

Enable/Disable pagination...