JV Gplus

With our JV Gplus, getting on the Google+ will be easier than ever. JV Gplus is the perfect module you need on your site, it helps you build a larger customer base and benefit your business in many ways. If you are finding to get more interaction on your networking site, then JV Gplus is a great asset for you.

JV Gplus

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Current Version : 3.0.2
Available : 2.5 3.x
Type Extension m
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gplus module

Easy getting on Google+ 

Get more recommendations for your site in Google search and grow your audience on Google+ with this great Joomla! module

Easy to install and configure

As the website administrator, from back end page you can set :
+ Choose appearing position of G+ button (can be fixed)
+ Set the URL to +1 or choose detecting URL mode
+ Set the size of G+ button
+ Choose languages will be shown
+ Include count or no
+ Choose parse type
+ Set Java Script callback function (not required)

This extension includes 1 module and 1 plugin
gplus module