JV Instagram

Looking for a perfect solution to show photos taken by Instagram on your Joomla site? JV Instagram is for you.

Our JV Instagram for Joomla is a fully customizable module that helps you display photos from Instagram simply and cleanly. So easy to set up and configure.

JV Instagram

Extension Attributes

Current Version : 3.0.1
Available : 2.5 3.x
Type Extension m
Changelog : Views
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ABOUT JV Instagram

instagram module

Display Instagram photos in a Joomla websites.

The user will have the full control to select the source of the Instagram photos. For example the images could be fetched from a specific Instagram user, specific tag or the most popular photos.

Image Box Settings

You can easily edit CSS settings for the module: 

image box settings
instagram advanced settings

Instagram advanced settings

You can set the number of images, thumb size, position, avatar...