JV Twitter

JV Twitter is a simple yet powerful module, work excellently on joomla 2.5 and 3.2 versions

You can use it to display newest tweets from your twitter or another twitter, the tweet will be updated by Ajax depending on the time that you set. Besides, everyone can follow you by clicking on a follow button which set a module’s bottom. 

This awesome extension is just 1minute for setup and done, works like a charm and easy to configure. So if you are looking for a nice twitter, then don’t look any further and take the time to register and download this module.

JV Twitter

Extension Attributes

Current Version : 4.0.9
Available : 2.5 3.x
Type Extension m
Changelog : Views
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ABOUT JV Twitter

basic options

Basic Options

Show hide Profile, Show hide Twitter. Set the time to update the Twitter data (unit: minutes)

Profile settings

Show or hide your twitter name, screen name, location, bio, web, Twitter number, following, followers, listed. Show or hide profile avatar and set the avatar’s size
profile settings
twitter options

Twitter Setting

Set the number of Twitter. Show or hide name, screen name, Twitter time, Twitter via, link to all Twitter. Show or hide Twitter avatar and set the avatar’s size

Style settings

Font Color. Background color. Border Color. Tweet Font Color. Tweet Background color. Tweet Border Color. Tweet Hover Background Color. Tweet Hover Shadow Color
style settings