JV Yahoo Weather

 This one is just a powerful extension and its features are rather interesting. Like other Joomla!  extensions, this module is easy to install. It gives you the chance to diversify the appearance of your website by the weather icon system which was designed carefully. With JV Yahoo Weather you can get the weather information of many locations all over the world by typing WOEID (Where on Earth Identifier) of location to the JV Yahoo Weather’s search box. 

JV Yahoo Weather

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Current Version : 3.0.2
Available : 2.5 3.x
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ABOUT JV Yahoo Weather

jv yahoo weather

Jv Yahoo Weather

So if you have a plan to take a business or holiday trip to the different regions or you just want to know the weather condition of the places where your friends or your relatives living, take this small extension-JV Yahoo Weather-and add it up on your website.


* You can set the time to auto update the weather data (unit: minutes) and no need to refresh your site.
* Show or hide weather icons. (does the same for the forecast days)
* Show or hide form for guests who want to find the weather info of their location.
* Setting icons position.
* Show or hide the information of humidity, wind velocity, visibility, pressure or sunrise, sunset…
* Show ultra-violet index and description of the current day.
* Choose the display unit of temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
* Setting the display of weather forecast information for 1 or 2 days afterwards.
* And some more.
jv yahoo weather