JV Filter Virtuemart

Tips & Trick

Custom Filters is a suite, offering both a powerfull search and a filtering functionality, letting your users find what they are looking for, in seconds

Unique Features
  • Works with complex queries, that could contain Custom Fields and every other possible field. All in the same phrase
  • Searches into the custom fields and the meta-tags
  • It is combined with the filtering module, for further refinement of the results
  • Uses Cache to work faster
Why Custom Filters?
  • Completeness The only extension that offers a complete experience from top to bottom. No other module required for browsing the products of your shop.
  • Performance Every little functionality is optimized to work as fast and efficiently as possible. We bet that there is no faster search or filtering solution out there.
  • Plug & Play It just needs a simple installation. No core hacks or code editing at all.
  • Flexibilty It has a variety of settings that cover almost any demand. You will be amazed by what you can do with it
  • Stability & Security We are strictly following the latest standards of the Joomla Framework. This ensures Stability and Security for now and the future.
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