JV Comment

JV Comment includes component and plugin, so this guide will show you how to work with the component and plugin. JV Comment is compatible with both Joomla 2.5 and 3, but I am using the latest Joomla 3.3 for this guide. Do not worry, the configurable parameters are almost the same, just back-end display is a little bit different between 2 Joomla! platforms. Take your time following this guide if you are new to make your site great and helpful with this extension.



JV Comment is one of the most popular among our free extensions. You can download the latest version anytime. To download the extension, you need to register an account, either in free membership or paying membership.  

Log-in to your account and go to JV Comment overview page, from there you can get general information of the extension and this is the place you can link to download area.

comment plugin overview

The package you download is the latest version of the extension including component and plugin. We always update the newest version of JV Comment after fixing new bugs or updating. If you find out any bugs during usage period of this module, please let us know!




Once you have JV Comment zip file downloaded on your computer. Now it's time to install it on your Joomla.  There are three ways of installation in Joomla, each way is a little bit different. The first way - Upload package file is always the most popular choice.

Log into back-end, go to Extensions >> Extensions manager >> Browse JV Comment zip package >> Click Upload & Install. The component and plugin will be installed successfully.

install extension on joomla 3.3

If you are not familiar with Extensions (templates, modules, plugins and components) Installation, please view the following guide:



Global configuration

In the back-end, navigate to System >> Global Configuration >> JV Comment.  You can config global parameters in this area including 3 tabs: Comments, Form, Permissions. Now we go to each tab to find out the parameters.

global configuration

1. Tab Comments

In this tab, you can set the number of replies in each comment, and show/hide like button

comment plugin configuration


2. Tab Form

This tab allows you to show email, homepage, notify, captcha in the comment form

comment plugin configuration


3. Tab Permission

Configure: (Inherited/Allowed/Denied): allows users in the group to configure parameters in this extension.

Access Administration Interface: (Inherited/Allowed/Denied): allows users in the group to access back-end interface.

Delete (Inherited/Allowed/Denied): allows users in the group to delete any comments.

Create (Inherited/Allowed/Denied): allows users in the group to create new comments.

(Inherited/Allowed/Denied): allows users in the group to edit commemts



Plugin Configuration 

In the admin interface, go to Extensions >> Plugin Manager,  click on JV Comment plugin

comment plugin manager


 Once you access the JV Comment plugin manager page, you can configure the parameters as shown in the image below :

plugin setting on joomla 3.3

 Parameter explanations:

- Load Bootstrap: (Yes/No)

- Type (JV Comment/Facebook): this is an important field, you can choose the type of comment form

- Facebook APP ID: If you chose type Facebook, you need to register to get APP ID at https://developers.facebook.com/apps

- Facebook width: enter width for comment form If you chose type Facebook (in pixel)

- Facebook Num Post: enter limited number of comments displayed 

- Facebook Theme: Select a theme for Facebook comment

- Status: do not forget to enable the plugin

- Access: select access level group that is allowed to view comments

- Ordering: select ordering



Managing Comments

You can manage user's comments with JV Comment component. Go to Components >> JV Comment.

In JV Comment Manager Page, you can do the followings:

- Edit the existing comments

- Permanently delete existing comments

- Publish/unpublish comments


manager comments




1. Type JV Comment

Below is the JV Comment front-end when you choose the plugin type: JV Comment

jv comment frontend

2. Type Facenbook

 JV Comment Front-end display when choosing Facebook type

facebook comment