JV Social Publish

This guide is intended to show to how to work with JV Social publish - a useful and popular component used for auto or manually publishing articles to social network. This guide is based on Joomla 3.3, but no much difference from Joomla 2.5



JV Social Publish is a free Joomla extension designed by Joomlavi team.  In order to download the extension, you need to register for a free membership package or once you've already had a paid membership account

Log-in to your account and go to JV Social Publish download page, from there you can download the extension.




Once you have JV Social zip file downloaded on your computer. You need to extract the unzip_first.zip file to get the component & plugin packages.

Then install each packgage separately.

In the back-end, navigate to Extensions >> Extension Manager. You will see three ways of installation in Joomla, each way is a little bit different. The first way is always the most popular choice due to it's ease in installation. 

- Upload from package file: Browse and choose the zip file, then click Upload & Install


If you are not familiar with Extensions (templates, modules, plugins and components) Installation or need to see other ways, please view the following guide:



Enable plugin

After successful installation, next step you need to do is activate this JV Social Publish plugin.

Navigate to Extensions => Module Manager, you will see a list of modules installed in your Joomla!

You may need to filter the plugin.



Manage channels

Navigate to Components >> JV Social Publish >> Channels. From  here you can manage existing channels or add new channels. But obviously, you need to add new channels when first using this extension. 

1. Channel Data

Click on "New" you will see channel Data on the left hand side.



- Name: enter channel name

- Type: select channel type (Facebook / Twitter). 

- Source: select source to publish to social network (Default Joomla conent / K2)

- Category: All

- Post type: (auto / save request)

- Description: add description

- Status: (published / unpublished)

2. Facebook channel details

If you select channel type as Facebook, enter App ID and Secret, then click "Get Access Token"

Login to your facebook account, and choose target page on our Facebook account.

3. Twitter channel details 

If you select channel type as Twitter, enter Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token and Access Token Secret  then click "Verify Credentials".Then login to you Twitter accound and get it done


Manage post requests

Navigate to Components >> JV Social Publish >> Requests.

In this page you can do the following:

- View all existing post requests

- View post status: channel (Facebook/Twitter), source, process (complete/wait)

- Post to channel

- Delete requests

- Visit target 



Manual post

Go to Components >> JV Social Publish >> Manual Post.  

 Within this section you can do the following:

- Select article to manually post single to selected channel. 

- Select channel from existing ones 

- Select target

- Select source (content / k2)



Getting Key & Secret

To know how to get Facebook API & Secret, Twitter Key & Secret, you can go to Components >> JV Social Publish >> Guide.