JV Green World

Joomla has been used for a wide range of website, from personal blog to business websites. This time we are introducing to you an e-newspaper/e-magazine template.

Perhaps you are a group of environmental activists establishing a site to exchange information. 

Perhaps you are a group of volunteers trying to create a page to find more like-minded people and telling everyone the places currently in need of help.

Or perhaps you just want to create a page with a nature-friendly look to publish news.

In any of those cases, JV Green World would be a solid choice.

As the name suggest, this is a template designed with the 'nature' theme in mind. Its main color variants are mostly nature-related and spot a layout suitable for publishing news or representing your organization.

JV Greenworld has 5 color variants: Purple, Sky-blue, Green, Grass-green, Orange.

It also features various tools that make layout adjusting easier, so you can customize JV Greenworld for other uses or make it looks different without much hassle.

Let create your own Green World

Go to Extensions => Module manager, select the module you want to assign and edit it. You can also use filter to find them easily.