JV Conquer

JV Conquer is a full responsive Joomla template dedicated for Businesses, but you can alter this beautiful template to make it suitable for anything else. This template is flat and clean with a sensible layout structure. It supports the powerful Joomla content component - K2 component, RTL language layout, Bootstrap. JV Conquer is built on the powerful JV Framework making it easy to customize.

JV Conquer is also built from professional and easy to use extensions including: JV Slide Pro, JV Contact, JV Latest News, JV Hotnews… Those JV extensions are popular and trusted by Joomla folks from across the globe. 

JV Conquer


Type : Joomla Template
Current Version : 1.0.0
Available : 3.x
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ABOUT JV Conquer

fully responsive template


JV Conquer runs on latest JV Framework 3.2 with bootstrap integrated, making it responsive by default and adapts your website perfectly no matter what the devices users would be using such as Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphones. 


In these days, RTL is a must-have feature in a template; JV Conquer is ready for all input language and also people from all corners of the world. Everything in the template must look equally awesome in RTL mode. No more 2 clicks to switch between RTL and LTR modes. Thanks to JV Framework for this ease! 
responsive joomla 3 template supports RTL layout
responsive joomla 3 template support k2 component


Within JV Conquer, you can get the best of both K2 content component and Joomla! default content management system. K2 helps you not only save website administrators management time, but it also allows for better performance


JV Conquer supports Icomoon font icon library which provides a plenty of optimized icons. 
joomla 3 templates integrated hikashop
joomla 3 template supports bootstrap 3


Integrated with Bootstrap to hit the template design & development arena, enhancing the overall look and functions of your website. Also, this template is fully compatible with latest Joomla! 3 CMS, brings in lots of new advantages.


JV Conquer comes with 4 impressive and clean colors. You can change colors at a moment’s notice. 
beautiful colors and wide and boxed layout
The responsive joomla 3 template built in standard html5 and css 3

HTML 5 & CSS 3

JV Conquer is driven by standard HTML5/CSS3 modern technology and optimized for Firefox 5+, Internet Explorer 9+ and Chrome 13+. IE 8+. We use clean codding, thus it will become easier for the search engines to index your site. Using HTML5 and CSS3 provides advantages to develop and deploy web content and web applications, to create refined and accurate web pages and web systems that operate across devices, operating systems and web browsers. Write once, run anywhere


Mega menus have become a trend in web design. JV Conquer supports this type of navigation, which work extremely good by giving a quick access to pages located deep in your site. 
joomla 3 template supports megamenu
responsive joomla 3 template supports easyblog


Built on atest JV Framework - a reliable foundation for Joomla template, which will help you stay in control of entire template style settings. Making your JV Conquer load fast, SEO friendly, easy to customize and so on...


JV Conquer also supports Acymailing – one of the most popular components that you might have already known. This component allows you to maintain real communication with your contacts via e-mail marketing, newsletters... Get it and increase your sales with Acymailing. Acymailing is also our partner. They give 20% off for all Joomlavi's paying members. Please view promo code in our partner page!
joomla 3 template supports acymailing
responsive joomla 3 template supports easyblog


As a business template, JV Conquer supports Pricing Table page, which helps you to show up pricing plans, price comparison. This Pricing Table is beautifully designed with special effect & animation.