JV Realtime

Joomla has been used for a wide range of website, from personal blog to business websites. This time we are introducing to you an e-newspaper/e-magazine template.

JV Realtime was designed to be compact and systematic, giving you it a crisp look and allow the readers to find the articles thExtra Fieldsey need most.

JV Realtime comes with 4 colors and several tools to make modification conveniently.

Grab it now and manage your own newspaper. 

JV Realtime


Type : Joomla Template
Current Version : 2.5.7
Available : 2.5
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ABOUT JV Realtime


All JV templates are full equipped with RTL layout. We make all the templates perfect in RTL mode.

Drop and drag module position

Create your own layouts without much programming experience using the template. We make everything easier in re-structuring your site.

Multiple layout

You can choose from a number of various layout options to best suit your site content.

Google font

To make your website look better, Google fonts library is built in JV Realime with  various font types and styles. Adding a new style is really easy and enjoyable.

SEO optimized

All our JV Templates are SEO optimized and ready to be placed at the perfect position.

4 colors theme

JV Realtime is available in 4 colors to satisfy your taste.


All JV templates come with lots of various typography styles for you to choose from to help you enrich the content on your site.

Browser compatibility

JV Realtime works like a charm no matter what browser you are using